Claim your right to
be seen
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good care
good health
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Claim your right to good health

We are the first telehealth practice that connects Black patients and Black doctors, with the goal of transforming Black health in America.


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Claim Your Right
to Good Health

Our Calling

For too long, being Black in America has meant settling for second-rate care, inferior health, and a country that can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Some call it a failure of the system and a problem without a solution. Many think it’s too difficult and depressing to figure out. We call it what it is: something that needs to change. And something we will change. Because you deserve better.

You deserve better care from the providers you see. Better support at every point in your healthcare journey. Better tools to not only cure what ails you, but also what stresses you, depresses you, and keeps you from feeling your best in every part of your life.

You deserve better care, so we built a platform to do just that. We call it Black Telehealth, and it is what it sounds like: telehealth by Black people for Black people, designed to transform healthcare for all Black people. People who take the time to ease your mind and earn your trust. Who are just as committed to healing your body as they are to healing your head, heart, and soul. Who see you and make you feel seen—not just as a patient, but as a whole person. We understand the Black experience and care deeply about Black health.

To complement your care, we connect you with the tools, support, and community resources you need to thrive. Including information that’s clear and easy to use, so you can make the right decisions about your health and the health of your family.

Through it all, we provide a warm, welcoming, and premium experience that comes from a place of understanding. It’s a better way to see a doctor and to be seen by a doctor. We are more than a healthcare company. We are creating a movement because you have a right to good health. And we’re here to help you claim it.

- Cheryle Jackson, CEO


Over 50 years of expertise in business and healthcare

Portrait of Black Telehealth CEO Cheryle R. Jackson against an orange background

Cheryle R. Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

“We understand that for Black Americans, the quality of care is not equal, access to care is not equal and treatment is not equitable. Black Telehealth is here to change that.”

Cheryle Robinson Jackson’s career has been marked by many firsts, spanning healthcare, international business, civil rights, politics, government, not-for-profit, and the media. In 2020, Cheryle became CEO of Black Telehealth, a healthcare company dedicated to helping people claim their right to good health with care, content and community. Prior to Black Telehealth, she served as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and President of AAR Africa for AAR, a global aviation services company.

In 2010, Cheryle was a candidate for President Obama’s once‐vacant U.S. Senate seat after serving as the first female president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. She also served as communications director for the Governor of Illinois. Her professional experience also includes senior level positions at Amtrak and NPR (National Public Radio).

Battling breast cancer and divorce at the same time inspired Cheryle’s 2018 TEDx Talk, “Grit and Grace.” In her talk, Cheryle affirms for women to fully embrace their ambition but to also practice compassion with themselves to achieve success that is sustainable.

Cheryle has a B.A. from Northwestern University and resides in Chicago, IL.

Portrait of Black Telehealth Founder William Payne, MD, MPH

William Payne, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer

An orthopedic surgeon, healthcare executive, entrepreneur and community servant

An orthopedic surgeon, healthcare executive, entrepreneur and community servant

Dr. William K. Payne is an orthopedic surgeon, healthcare executive, entrepreneur and community servant. He served as the Vice President of a multispeciality group in Chicago, eventually becoming the President of the group, a role in which he grew the company from 40 full-time-employees (FTEs) to 90 FTEs and from $30 million in revenue to $65 million in revenues. He was instrumental in all phases of the business including finance, contracting, pension and benefits, compensation, strategy, quality and peer review.

Dr. Payne also served on the Corporate Presidents Council for Franciscan Alliance and is the current Medical Staff President. Dr. Payne is an educator and program director for Orthopedic Surgery and has improved the program ranking from the 25th percentile to the 70th in 18 months by redesigning the educational experience and leveraging technology such as BigMarker.

Dr. Payne has a medical doctorate from UCLA and trained at an inner city hospital in Los Angeles. He has an MPH from University of Minnesota, where he also completed a Spine Fellowship. He also completed the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Health Services and Outcomes Research Fellowship. Dr. Payne is a founding member of Black Health Directors Equity Agenda.

We Believe

You have the right to good health

To be seen by the world’s best doctors.

To be seen as a whole person.

To be cared for—and cared about.

To be helped, when and how you need it.

To live a life that’s free of illness.

To get support focused on wellness—not just for your physical body, but also for your heart and soul.

A young Black mother and her toddler daughter smiling at the camera, sitting in front of their home

Black Telehealth is a simple yet revolutionary idea: Healthcare by Black people, for Black people.

Your Care Options

From prevention education to care navigation and community support, we offer a full suite of holistic, high quality care services that treat you as a whole person. Our health care providers, coaches, care navigators, and community partners are here for all of your medical, mental, behavioral health and wellness needs.

  • Virtual Visits

    Patients can schedule virtual appointments with top primary, mental and behavioral health providers and chat with their doctor using secure messaging.

    Schedule a Visit
  • Care Coordination
    Patients with complex care needs have a dedicated Care Team of providers to help coordinate their care, better manage their illness and improve health outcomes.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
    Patients receive a home Health Device Kit (like blood pressure cuffs and glucometers) that their Care Team uses to monitor their vitals and health status.
  • Prevention Education
    Participants have access to digital prevention education programs—including a CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program—and health coaches to help improve their health and wellness.
  • Community Support
    Patients, caregivers, and members of our platform are connected to trusted community partners and Care Navigators that help guide their healthcare journey.
A middle-aged Black female doctor in a white lab coat with her arms folded, smiling against a pale blue background

Your Care Team

Led by a group of premier Black healthcare providers who understand the Black experience, our network of providers take the time to earn your trust and are committed to helping you get just what you need.

Portrait of care team member Paul Jones, MD Portrait of care team member Paul Jones, MD
Paul Jones, MD

Medical Group

Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D
Adele Joy Cobbs, MD

Medical Director,
Patient Centered Medical Home

Portrait of care team member Richard Watson, MD Portrait of care team member Richard Watson, MD
Richard Watson, MD

Medical Director,
Virtual Care

Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D
Christal West, MD

Medical Director,
Women's Health

Portrait of care team member David McFadden, MD Portrait of care team member David McFadden, MD
David McFadden, MD

Medical Director,

Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D Portrait of care team member Jay Weems, Psy.D
Jay Weems, Psy.D

Chief Mental Health Officer

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